Apr 262013

This weekend will be a mix of work and play, so I’d better commence with the play. Once the legislative session is over, I might indulge in some truly inadvisable recreational activities. You may want to start planning the intervention now before I’m too far gone.

Apr 152013

My apologies for the lack of updates over the last few days. I’m feeling better, but it may take a few more days for me to be at full strength again as this particular virus is something of a malingerer. So don’t expect any dazzling prose in the immediate future. Then again, you probably don’t expect that anyway.

Of course, my thoughts are with the people of Boston. Let’s hope the perpetrators are caught soon and that the media shows good judgment as they rush to cover this tragedy.

Feb 262013

Even after all these years, the Internet’s sheer efficiency still impresses me sometimes. After upgrading my computer over the weekend, I decided to try selling a few used parts on Craigslist. Within a few hours, everything sold. Should I ever get serious about de-cluttering my place, I may just spend a weekend posting on Craigslist. But don’t worry, bust of Mr. Spock sitting on my desk. You’re not going anywhere. You’ve seen too much.