Dec 112022

So, how are things? I recently joined a creative accountability group in an effort to get back into a regular writing habit and my first goal is to post a new blog entry. We’ll see what happens, but I’m feeling at least somewhat optimistic that this group can motivate me to keep blogging with some regularity.

The past year or so has been a bit rocky for me. Some of you might remember that I depend on 24-hour nursing care to live independently and that care became somewhat shaky as various nurses departed and I struggled to find people to replace them. Those of you who rely on direct care workers probably have your own stories about how the pandemic and its aftermath has made it incredibly difficult to find caregivers. For a while, it felt like I was scraping the bottom of the nursing barrel as I simply couldn’t compete with the hourly wages that hospitals and travel nurse agencies were offering. And then one of those marginal nurses managed to break my left femur on his second day with me, leaving me stuck in bed for over two months earlier this year.

Anyway, things are better now. My staffing has stabilized (at least for now) and my leg is mostly healed. My health is otherwise pretty good and work is keeping me busy, so things are certainly not terrible. But perhaps writing here more often will help me get out of my head, a place where I tend to linger more than I should. And I’m looking forward to once again sharing my thoughts on politics, pop culture, and all of the other topics typically covered in my ramblings. Stay tuned for my 3,000-word treatise on why Andor was the best thing on television this year.

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  1. Nice to see you back to the writing. Sorry it’s been such a hard pandemic.

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