Dec 202013

I have some vacation coming up next week, which may allow for more frequent blogging. Assorted MNsure-related issues have come to dominate my corner of the bureaucracy, leaving me more inclined to park myself in front of the television rather than attempt to compose a blog entry when I get home. Lazy, I know. But I’m hoping to post a few Year in Awesome entries over the next week that will highlight my various pop culture obsessions of 2013. I may even share some thoughts on the recent whirlwind events surrounding MNsure.

In the meantime, perhaps one of my UK readers might like to send me this Union Jack Dalek as a Christmas present. Or I could just pay you for it. It would be a nice addition to my geek shrine.

Jul 232013

I’m not sure how this happened, but the calendar declares that I’m 40 today. I suppose I’d better get on with creating my Smooth Jazz for Squares playlist on Spotify. And I bet I can find some great deals for Dockers on-line.

I enjoyed my thirties. It was the decade for settling into my skin and realizing that it’s okay to occasionally let my freak flag fly. It was the decade I saw the Eiffel Tower and Brandenburg Gate. It was the decade I made out with a beautiful woman under a velvet sky. Not a bad ten years.

Hmm, there’s a rather striking woman at my door dressed in a rather impractical nurse’s outfit. She claims she’s here for my therapy session. I’m not one to argue. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.