Jan 172023

I’ve been watching the second season of The White Lotus (no spoilers, please; I still have a few episodes to go) and I’m pretty enamored with the scenery of the Sicilian beaches and countryside. I’m guessing that Sicily (and Italy in general) isn’t terribly accessible, but I think that I would be content to sit on the balcony of some villa and just hang out under the Mediterranean sun. Then again, most Italian villas probably don’t have an elevator to the second floor. Fine, I’ll sit on the veranda (which sounds much fancier than “front porch) and shout hello to passersby in my horrendously accented Italian.

All of this is another way of saying that the weather in Minneapolis is cold and gray and I could use a vacation. Maybe I should add a new requirement to my job postings for nurses: “Must be willing to accompany me to exotic locales on short notice.”

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