Aug 212013

The new TiVo models (the Roamio moniker is terrible and should be sent back to the marketing hell from whence it came) may compel me to replace my aging TiVo HD. The ability to stream to my iPad is a killer feature that might allow me to get rid of the antiquated TV in my bedroom. The cost for the top-end model plus a lifetime subscription is a bit high, but it would likely provide a steady fix to my TV addiction for several years.

I’ve heard rumors that Apple may release an updated TV device that could upend the traditional cable model, so it may be worth waiting to see which toy would serve me better.

Aug 162013

Wired has a really interesting feature that collects various theories on how Breaking Bad will end. The Color Theory particularly intrigues me. It focuses on the show’s use of color foreshadows certain events or sets the tone for a particular scene. For example, orange and pink typically signify that somebody is going to die. It’s something I’ve noticed more as I’ve been re-watching previous seasons, but not with as careful an eye as Color Theory proponents.

I have no idea how the show will end, but I trust that the writers will deliver a finale that is both surprising yet brutally logical. It won’t be a half-assed affair that resorts to gimmicks or sentimentality that have plagued the finales of otherwise great shows (I’m looking at you, Lost and Battlestar Galactica). Let’s hope upcoming writers heed the lessons of BB and learn to craft other series that have carefully planned story arcs.