Apr 192009

Despite this morning’s gloom and chill, I made it over to Nicollet Island to participate in this year’s Race for Justice, an annual charity run/walk that raises money to fund student loan repayments for new lawyers who choose careers in legal aid. I finished the 5K course in about 45 minutes (although I did take one shortcut that shaved off a few minutes), which translates into a top wheelchair speed of 4 miles per hour. Not bad, but my previous chair could do almost double that speed. I’m slowing down as I approach middle age’s upslope.

On a separate note, I’d like to welcome a new addition to the disability blogosphere: Never Walked in High Heels by Athena Stevens. Athena splits her time between London and Las Vegas, which must cause all kinds of cognitive dissonance. Go check her out.

  3 Responses to “Next Up Is The Ironman”

  1. You like French, I remember from an older text in this blog. Right?
    Well, here’s a French saying, from an experienced Paris geriatrist:
    “Le viellissement, c’ est un ralentissement.”
    So your wheelchair is “older” now, less nervous, less vigorous than the one you were using at a younger age…
    Man and machine must fit together.

  2. great to see you at the Race, Mark. I was suprised how many people actually showed up! Now into the pre-exam/graduation rush, but I’m a free woman May 17th, so watch out!

  3. I can assure you that Steven Hawking’s ride is not slowing down… you had better get out the WD-40 if you expect to emerge victorious from the cripple smackdown of the century. (Can I say that?)

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