Jan 272014

I’ve written previously about Jillian Mercado, a fashion blogger who also uses a wheelchair. Mercado recently applied for a modeling gig on a lark, so she was more than a little surprised when she got the job. Mercado is featured in Diesel’s forthcoming ad campaign, which will run in magazines like Vogue and Interview. Here’s the photo of her and artist James Astronaut:

Mercado looks amazing and I suspect she’ll get many more gigs as a result of this campaign. More importantly, her experience is a powerful antidote to the low-expectations game that so many of us gimps play. We are often hesitant to put ourselves out there because we fear rejection and/or looking silly. But as Mercado demonstrates, sometimes just showing up leads to the completely unexpected. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must submit my resume to Ezra Klein’s Project X.

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