Feb 042013

Both Nate Silver and I managed to be wildly off the mark with our Super Bowl predictions. But I suspect that the only thing I’ll remember a year from now is the partial blackout in the third quarter. Sporting events have a way of fading from my memory with surprising haste.

Feb 012013

I’m looking forward to a weekend free of work. I hear there’s some kind of Sunday sporting event that may be worth watching. All kidding aside, I’m picking San Francisco by 7. I also predict that Ray Lewis will be carted off the field for dehydration immediately after the national anthem.

Jan 112013

Enjoy the weekend. I spent most of the afternoon reviewing a lengthy legislative proposal, so I’m not feeling coherent at the moment. Some restorative television viewing is in order.

Jan 032013

Andrew Sullivan, the well-known political blogger, is cutting all ties with traditional media outlets to establish a completely ad-free, reader-supported blog. I read Sullivan regularly and I’m sure I’ll purchase a subscription. The Internet has far too few commercial-free zones of intelligent commentary, so I hope this move by Sullivan will encourage other smart people (Nate Silver, Malcolm Gladwell, and the like) to pursue similar reader-supported projects. Big Media will always be king of the Internet, but we need more of the independent voices that dotted the digital landscape back in early years of the web.

Dec 312012

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. 2013 will find me turning 40, which I suppose is significant. Let’s hope I manage to avoid an embarrassing mid-life crisis. Barring that, let’s hope the photos don’t make it on Facebook.

Dec 242012

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, however you choose to celebrate. I finished the last of my shopping this morning, so I hope you like what I got you. I’m not sure it’s the right size, so save the gift receipt. And don’t worry, I’ll like whatever you get me. Even if she doesn’t come with fishnets.

Dec 182012

The ramp on my van is inexplicably on the fritz again. A friend will be here shortly to try some repairs. I’m beginning to suspect that my van is jealous of my attention and breaks down just often enough to remind me hhow dependent I am on it.