Apr 222009

I’m not a Twitter user, mostly because I don’t see the point. Between this blog and my Facebook page, anyone curious enough has ample opportunity to find out what’s going on inside my head. But it’s still exciting to see University of Wisconsin researchers using a neural computer interface to compose Twitter messages. The researchers point out that Twitter is ideally suited to this kind of interface because sending a tweet takes relatively few steps.

This technology is bound to become more responsive and easier to use, but that’s probably all the more reason for me to stay away from Twitter. If the interface is too sensitive, it might start broadcasting tweets from my subconscious:

  • really have to pee
  • wonder if I have any Pringles left at home
  • OMG fishnets!

  4 Responses to “Instant Message”

  1. Twitter does seem pointless until one actually starts using it. Then it clicks. I actually have my twitter account tied into my facebook status updates. So if I update twitter my facebook status gets updated with the same message.

  2. I’m a huge twitter user. One of the best accounts I follow is @disabilitygov. It is truly one of the best sources of information on disability related “stuff” out there. Every day it is links about housing, school, work, how to deal with friends, etc. Consider it.

  3. I wouldn’t use Twitter in your situation either. The whole world knows what the most interesting thing is you have thought , read, listened to or experienced day after day.
    Exactly the fact you save us from the more boring things like what you were doing at this or that time of the day, keeps your account (diary, blog) so delightful.
    (You know the word inflation, don’t you.)
    Delightful and instructive, “deeper” in meaning than I’d expect from Twitter messages. Except, of course, but here I’m only speaking about myself, when you give comment on American politics, which I know too little about to be interested.

  4. Do it, do it, DO IT!!!
    Twitter almost makes me feel like I work with people instead of a computer screen. But even better because I only listen to the people that I want to. When I want to. FTW!! It’s kind of the software developer underground. I don’t know how useful it is for lawyers though.

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