Jun 222012

My employer was kind enough to award me a cash achievement award, so I suddenly found myself with a bit of a windfall. I suppose I could have spent it all on hookers and blow, but that seemed excessive. Instead, I decided to pick up an iPad. I know, I know, I’ve said before that I didn’t see the point of owning one given its inaccessibility, but I decided it might be handy to have a portable device with a bigger display than my phone. And reading magazines on the iPad is quite nice. Still, I hope accessibility on the device eventually improves.

I also have a little left over to spend on hookers and/or blow.

Finally, if you haven’t seen this live version of this summer’s earworm “Call Me Maybe”, you owe it to yourself to watch it. It’s bubblegum pop delivered with genuine sweetness and charm. I’ve seen it a few times and a silly grin still spreads across my face whenever I watch it.

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  1. So many versions and covers of this song. It’s true though, you can’t deny how catchy it is.

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