Oct 082012

Should I ever attempt to run for office, my opponent will have plenty of ammunition to use against me. This blog alone is probably a goldmine for oppo researchers, what with my frequent mentions of fishnets and the like. But I never considered that my enthusiasm for gaming might be used to paint me as a social misfit. The Maine Republican Party recently attacked a woman running for the state legislature because she plays World of Warcraft, even going so far as to create a website that describes WoW with the same ominous yet clueless overtones that might have once been used to warn of the dangers of rock’n’roll.

More damning are the candidate’s poorly considered posts on Daily Kos, which are also featured on the website. But the fact that a major political party is, in 2012, willing to attack a candidate for playing an on-line game makes me yearn for the day when the mores of today’s boomers and senior citizens don’t have a deathgrip on our political culture.

Perhaps I should run for office just to see if conservatives start foaming at the mouth because of my rather comely Elementalist alter ego in Guild Wars 2 (a great game, by the way).

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