Oct 182012

Newsweek, a publication that hasn’t been relevant since the Clinton administration, is going digital-only next year. Its sad fate makes me a little wistful because the magazine did much to spark my interest in politics and policy. My mom was a subscriber and I remember looking forward to each new issue’s arrival on Tuesdays. I typically read it that same night at the dinner table, ignoring my parents’ admonitions. My favorite stop was the “Periscope” page, which featured editorial cartoons and newsworthy quotes from the previous week. Newsweek helped me dominate current events quizzes at school and added a political edge to my evolving nerdiness.

I stopped reading Newsweek when it began running endless cover stories about Jesus and Christianity. It still arrives in the mail, although I’m not sure why and I never read it. And I doubt I’ll give the digital edition much attention.

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