Dec 212012

While browsing at a bookstore earlier today, I noticed a large display of board games. My brother and I were avid board game players as kids and we had some truly epic fights over a Monopoly or Stratego board. But the games on display weren’t the inexpensive titles of my youth. These were big, heavy boxes full of ornate game tokens and lavishly illustrated playing cards. Most of them had a heavy emphasis on strategy with a dash of fantasy or horror. I counted at least a half dozen variations of Settlers of Catan. Board games seem to have become much geekier since my brother and I were hunched over the kitchen table. And more expensive. The games I looked at retailed between $60 and $80.

I still prefer gaming on my PC, but it might be fun to have an occasional board game night with friends.

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  1. I have about 25 of these games, so anytime you want to play, invite me over. I love, love, love board games.

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