Mar 112013

“Why do I feel so crappy?” was the recurring thought in my head last week. I had been tiring easily and fighting chills for a few days, but I didn’t have any of the usual respiratory systems that indicate trouble. I went to see a doctor on Friday and found myself being admitted to the hospital with a bladder infection. I’m fine now, but this may be a prelude to the next chapter of my life. We’ll call it Now The Real Fun Begins: Aging with a Disability. I expect that other health issues will crop up as I advance into middle age. Some of these problems will be mere annoyances, while others may be more serious. Over the last couple decades, I’ve trained myself to be vigilant for certain hazards to my health–mostly of the respiratory variety. That vigilance may require some retooling as I reconcile myself to the fact that my days as a young and rambunctious gimp are receding ever further into the distance.

This isn’t to say that I’ve forsworn any future acts of rambunctiousness. I’ll just need to take my supplements first and perhaps bring along a shawl.

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