Mar 252013

Daft Punk, the Unofficial House Band of The 19th Floor, releases their next album–Random Access Memories–on May 21st. The band has already released a couple 15-second music clips (one of which is quite effective as a loop) and it sounds like a promising throwback to the brilliant soundscapes of Discovery. That album was a perfect blend of old-fashioned romanticism and neon-drenched futurism, embodying everything I love about electronic music. Daft Punk hasn’t released anything nearly as good in over a decade, although the Tron soundtrack had a few interesting moments. I’m hopeful enough for the new album that I’ve already pre-ordered it, which is a bit silly in this age of instant availability. But I think I can spare some irrational exuberance for a band that has provided the soundtrack for so many of my daydreams.

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