Apr 012013

For the first time in years, I played a first-person shooter over the weekend. With the help of one of my gaming-inclined nurses, I played through the opening chapter of Bioshock: Infinite. The game has garnered an impressive number of gushing reviews (even NPR thought it was sophisticated enough to deserve a story) and I’m a fan of the original BioShock, so I was excited to get the chance to play it. And so far, it’s damn impressive. The setting–a city floating in the sky called Columbia–is rendered with stunning attention to detail and I spent a considerable amount of time poking around in various corners of this seemingly idyllic American town before proceeding with the main plot. The game slowly reveals the vitriolic mix of jingoistic Christianity and racism permeates every aspect of civic life in Columbia and I’m looking forward to discovering more about this strange place while kicking a little ass along the way.

I’ll post a more complete review once I finish the game.

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