Sep 102013

The designers of portable ventilators really need to do a better job of anticipating the various environments in which their products can function. As I was leaving the CHVRCHES concert at First Avenue last night, I noticed that the vent was alarming and showing a cryptic VENT SERVICE REQUIRED message. I felt fine and wasn’t too concerned, but it continued to alarm during the walk home. The vent  seems to be functioning normally today; I suspect that the heavy bass at the concert might have caused the freak-out. Considering that my old tank of a vent never glitched like this, I’m a little disappointed. If this vent thinks I’m going to stay home every night listening to archived Hearts of Space episodes, it has another thing coming.


And you really should see CHVRCHES live if you can. Not many bands can do electronic pop well in a live setting, but these Scots sounded great. And they should only get better once they have a deeper catalog of songs.

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