Feb 062014

I consider myself a hearty Midwesterner who doesn’t hesitate to venture outside on an icy cold morning. I have walked to class on days when the wind chill was -20 and the sidewalks were clogged with snow. But this winter has tested my fortitude. Temperatures have barely nudged out of the teens for the past month and the copious snowfall has rendered the landscape a blinding white void. Other than the commute to work, I don’t think I’ve left home since early January. I’m pretty sure my broadband usage for the past couple months rivals that of a good-sized Bulgarian town.

The weather is certain to moderate soon, but I would like to at least see Her without risking frostbite or a spinout on the highway.

Of course, I reserve the right to complain in a few months that the excessive heat and humidity is keeping me indoors.

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