Jan 202015

I’m still not completely over the Packers’ loss to the Seahawks on Sunday. With three minutes left in the fourth quarter, I was fairly confident that I would be watching my team in the Super Bowl. And then it all went to hell. I don’t assign blame to any specific player or play; it was a bizarre confluence of events in which the Packers seemed like passive witnesses to their own self-destruction. Of course, it didn’t help that Packers couldn’t score touchdowns during some key moments in the first half.

What makes this loss even more heartbreaking is the fact that it may be a while before the Packers appear in another championship game. The team is likely to lose several players to free agency and that may result in a less competitive squad. Even so, I’ll still be a faithful fan next season, hoping against hope that my Packers get a shot at redemption.

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