Dec 242022

I’m taking some time off during the holidays to catch up on my various pop culture obsessions, including books and games. My backlog of unplayed games is already embarrassingly long, but I couldn’t resist the impulse to buy a few more titles yesterday during the current Steam sale. I clearly have a problem. And if this whole attorney thing doesn’t work out, perhaps I can start a second career as a professional Twitch streamer. The disability community already has a presence on the site, so maybe my idea of streaming myself playing games while commenting on the latest Supreme Court decisions isn’t so far-fetched.

Speaking of virtual communities, the downward spiral of Twitter is a fascinating trainwreck. I was never a Musk fanboy, but I respected what he had accomplished with Tesla and SpaceX. But after watching him run Twitter into the ground, I wonder if Musk’s accomplishments should be attributed to employees who are much smarter than him. He seems more interested in shitposting and banning journalists rather than effectively running Twitter. And now Neuralink, Musk’s venture into brain-computer interfaces, is under investigation for animal cruelty. It looks I won’t be writing blog entries with my mind anytime soon.

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