Sep 242013

The popular Where Bloggers Blog tumblr is a photographic journal of places where–well, you get the idea. And here’s my blogging space:



The desk has been with me for nearly 20 years, a gift from my parents when I started law school. And there’s Spock on the middle shelf, looking down on me with mild disapproval (particularly when I procrastinate my blogging because I’m looking at…well, never mind).

Sep 102013

The designers of portable ventilators really need to do a better job of anticipating the various environments in which their products can function. As I was leaving the CHVRCHES concert at First Avenue last night, I noticed that the vent was alarming and showing a cryptic VENT SERVICE REQUIRED message. I felt fine and wasn’t too concerned, but it continued to alarm during the walk home. The vent  seems to be functioning normally today; I suspect that the heavy bass at the concert might have caused the freak-out. Considering that my old tank of a vent never glitched like this, I’m a little disappointed. If this vent thinks I’m going to stay home every night listening to archived Hearts of Space episodes, it has another thing coming.


And you really should see CHVRCHES live if you can. Not many bands can do electronic pop well in a live setting, but these Scots sounded great. And they should only get better once they have a deeper catalog of songs.

Differences between Medicaid

Aug 292013

Today I learned that it takes five attorneys to lift my chair up a flight of steps into a suburban home. To those of you who wake up tomorrow with sore backs, my sincere apologies. I’d offer to return the favor with some free legal advice, but you probably don’t need it.

Jul 302013

I’m getting a new bed to replace the 20-year-old model. But this presents certain logistical problems. The equipment vendor won’t take away the old bed and I don’t have room to store it. I can probably give it away via Craigslist or donate it, but I don’t want to have a hospital bed taking up space in my living room for several days. It’s times like this when I wish I had a garage.

Mar 112013

“Why do I feel so crappy?” was the recurring thought in my head last week. I had been tiring easily and fighting chills for a few days, but I didn’t have any of the usual respiratory systems that indicate trouble. I went to see a doctor on Friday and found myself being admitted to the hospital with a bladder infection. I’m fine now, but this may be a prelude to the next chapter of my life. We’ll call it Now The Real Fun Begins: Aging with a Disability. I expect that other health issues will crop up as I advance into middle age. Some of these problems will be mere annoyances, while others may be more serious. Over the last couple decades, I’ve trained myself to be vigilant for certain hazards to my health–mostly of the respiratory variety. That vigilance may require some retooling as I reconcile myself to the fact that my days as a young and rambunctious gimp are receding ever further into the distance.

This isn’t to say that I’ve forsworn any future acts of rambunctiousness. I’ll just need to take my supplements first and perhaps bring along a shawl.

Jan 102013

My dad called me a little while ago, asking me if I was feeling okay. The news of the severe flu outbreak has him a little freaked out and he instructed me to get plenty and see the doctor immediately if I start feeling sick. Of course, I’m feeling fine, but I’ll admit that I’m a bit uneasy. One of my nurses was coughing and hacking a few days ago, which made me cringe. As much as I would like to isolate myself for the next few months, that’s not realistic. All I can do is hope that the flu shot will keep me healthy until the outbreak passes.

Jan 042013

Enjoy the weekend. My plans center on Saturday evening’s playoff game between the Packers and Vikings. The game is at Lambeau Field, which should give the advantage to my Packers. But Adrian Peterson could exploit the Packers’ weak running defense, which could make for a miserable evening.

Oct 172012

If you’ve ever thought  to yourself “I really like The 19th Floor, but I wish there was a more book-ish version,” you’re in luck. Written in Slow Motion: Thoughts on Disability and Other Random Topics will be released in Spring 2013 by Think Piece Publishing, a new imprint founded by my good friend Adam Wahlberg. The book is a series of essays inspired by, and sometimes borrowing from, the posts on this blog. It focuses on my experiences as a person with a disability, but will touch on many of the topics familiar to my blog readers: technology, pop culture, geekery, and politics. I may even mention fishnets once or twice.

I have no idea if a market exists for this book. After all, I’m no Justin Bieber’s mom. But I’m really curious to see how this project turns out. I’ll blog in the coming months about the process of getting a book to market and the challenges encountered along the way. I don’t anticipate any changes to my regular blogging schedule, but I apologize in advance for posting the occasional YouTube video because I’m struggling to meet a deadline.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the release party next spring!

Oct 012012

Over the weekend, my wheelchair stopped working during a walk across the Stone Arch Bridge. The power toggle switch had been glitchy last week and I probably should have stayed home, but the gorgeous weather and a desire to see Looper compelled me to abandon caution to the wind. Fortunately, I was able to get a taxi ride home. My equipment vendor is now working on finding a replacement part for my aging wheelchair.

These assorted tech failures are beginning to wear a little thin. As I’ve noted previously, wheelchair malfunctions are particularly frustrating because they leave me housebound until they can be fixed. It may be time to start the process of getting a new wheelchair approved before this one becomes the gimp equivalent of a rusted-out car resting on cement blocks on the front lawn.

The gremlins have avoided my computer, at least. But at this rate, I may have to start staying up nights with all the lights on to stand guard.

Sep 142012

My local movie theater will be closing its doors next week, leaving only a couple remaining tenants in the troubled Block E development. The news isn’t a surprise; the theater lost a legal battle to extend its lease months ago. But for downtown residents like me, it’s a frustrating reminder that the city can’t figure out how to develop a downtown core beyond restaurants and nightclubs. And it didn’t help matters when Block E was acquired by developers more interested in opening a casino than in making downtown more livable. I doubt that most other major American cities have difficulty keeping a movie theater downtown. I hear that some cities even have more than one.

The theater itself was no gem. It had the cavernous look and feel of a suburban multiplex plopped unceremoniously in the middle of downtown (which is probably why it failed). But I enjoyed walking to the theater via the skyway on a rainy or snowy afternoon. It felt like a very urban thing to do. Now I’ll have to schlep out to the suburbs, or at least Uptown, to see a movie. Perhaps a more savvy developer will eventually open a new downtown theater that looks like it belongs in the city. Until then, look for me at your local mall-based megaplex. I’ll be the one waiting in line with a scowl on my face.