Apr 292007

After poking good-natured fun at the conventions of zombie films, the creators of Shaun of the Dead have targeted the action/buddy cop genre for their next cinematic deconstruction. The story follows an ace London cop who is transferred to a sleepy English village because his superiors fear that he’s making the rest of the force look bad. Naturally, a series of grisly murders commences soon after he arrives. Many of the genre’s staples are sent up here, including its penchant for hyperkinetic editing, the cheesy acrobatics of chase scenes, and the climactic gun battle (although I’m not sure if the creators intended their gun battle to seem as bloated and drawn out as those in the films they are mocking).

I still prefer the more arch humor of Shaun, but Hot Fuzz is a fine spoof and I’d love to see what they would do with a science fiction motif. In the meantime, I have a sudden hankering to add Point Break to my Netflix queue.

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  1. My next movie will be Spiderman 3. My 12 yo son is having his birthday party at the theatre. I love good old Spidey so I’m quite happy to chaperone.

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