Apr 062012

It’s been much too long since I’ve offered a glimpse of my iTunes playlist:

  • “Genesis” by Grimes–“Witch house” has become the go-to term to describe electronica featuring breathy, ethereal female vocals. It’s a lazy turn of phrase that attempts to divorce Grimes’ intricate tracks from their undeniably poppy 80’s roots. “Genesis” layers hook upon hook in ways that Debbie Gibson or Tiffany could scarcely imagine, much less execute. And Grimes has a vocal athleticism that Mariah Carey would be hard-pressed to match.
  • “Tonight” by St. Etienne–George Bush was still president and the iPhone didn’t exist when this British electronica outfit released their last album. “Tonight” shows that the group is still the stylishly dressed adult on the dancefloor. Lead singer Sarah Cracknell expresses her excitement at the prospect of a night out on the town, but it’s a carefully contained anticipation. After all, this dress cost a fortune and it wouldn’t do to get all sweaty.
  • “Wandering Star” by Poliça–Poliça has been the apple of the Minneapolis music scene’s eye for the past several months. It brings together members of other locally renowned acts like Gayngs and Roma di Luna to form a band that is making some of the most slinky, sexually charged music to come out of our humble city since the days of Prince and the Revolution. I dare you to listen to to “Wandering Star” with your partner without reaching for the dimmer switch by the one-minute mark.

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