Oct 012012

Over the weekend, my wheelchair stopped working during a walk across the Stone Arch Bridge. The power toggle switch had been glitchy last week and I probably should have stayed home, but the gorgeous weather and a desire to see Looper compelled me to abandon caution to the wind. Fortunately, I was able to get a taxi ride home. My equipment vendor is now working on finding a replacement part for my aging wheelchair.

These assorted tech failures are beginning to wear a little thin. As I’ve noted previously, wheelchair malfunctions are particularly frustrating because they leave me housebound until they can be fixed. It may be time to start the process of getting a new wheelchair approved before this one becomes the gimp equivalent of a rusted-out car resting on cement blocks on the front lawn.

The gremlins have avoided my computer, at least. But at this rate, I may have to start staying up nights with all the lights on to stand guard.

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