Sep 202014

No, I won’t be upgrading to an iPhone 6. My 5S is still more than adequate for my relatively basic phone needs and I have absolutely no interest in the gargantuan 6 Plus. I suspect that my 5S could serve me for another couple years until the iPhone 7 implantable chip is released, but I’ll probably upgrade next year to ensure a decent resale value for my current phone.

I did upgrade my iStuff to iOS 8, which seems to have screwed up the Switch Control functionality to a degree. I can no longer “flick” through pages, which makes it a little more difficult to scroll through articles and the like. Hopefully, Apple will respond to my pleas to crush this particular bug. On the positive side, I do like the ability to answer phone calls on my iPad (and, beginning in October, texts from non-iStuff users). I would gladly pay Apple a healthy fee to bring this capability to my PC, but that is about as likely as me purchasing an iWatch.

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