Oct 162014

It has become fashionable for technology writers to question the utility of the iPad. They point out that phones are becoming bigger and more powerful while competing tablets can provide the same functionality for less money. These observations are certainly true, but I remain a big fan of the device. Much of that has to do with my particular use cases for the iPad. The iPad allows me to read a book or watch video without being at my desk. And thanks to the addition of Switch Control in ios, I can operate the tablet with a single switch. No other tablet can beat the iPad in terms of accessibility.

When the iPad first debuted, many predicted that it would quickly supplant desktop and laptop computers. That hasn’t happened and I’m confident that the iPad will continue to thrive in a world of jumbo-sized phones. It will never match a phone’s portability, but it doesn’t need to. It needs to excel as a tablet, which it does.

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